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The Awards

The New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards

The Awards:
It is the purpose of the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Program ("ED"ies) to recognize New Hampshire schools, educators, and programs who meet high standards of excellence. The criteria used in selecting outstanding individuals to be honored are determined by their sponsoring organizations. Major statewide education associations determine awards in categories such as teaching and school administration. The awards for the outstanding elementary, middle, and secondary schools are determined by criteria developed by the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Board of Directors and applied by selection committees composed of experienced New Hampshire educators and community leaders. The committees study school applications and assess schools through on-site visitations. The selection committees determine if schools deserve recognition as schools of excellence, and the winners are announced at the annual New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Celebration. All New Hampshire public schools are invited to demonstrate their excellence.

Applicants will be assessed against the following competencies:

  • The curriculum and instructional practices are presented in a rigorous, relevant and engaging learning environment.
  • The school organizes community members, ensuring they all have a role in building the school’s climate and culture.
  • The school’s vision, mission and goals are clearly articulated, well communicated and guide practice.
  • The school has an effective system for utilizing data and information that supports personalization.
  • There is a culture of empowerment among students, staff, teachers, administration, and community members.

How to Apply:
School nominations will be accepted from community members, educators and anonymously. A nomination can be made by calling 800-852-3358 or by emailing info@edies.org. A nomination form is available online at www.edies.org. All nominations will be communicated to the respective school in recognition of their work and to encourage them to participate in the written application process. Individual nominations should be made to their sponsoring organizations.


Excellence in Education Awards
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Phone: (603) 228-1231
Fax: (603) 228-2118
E-Mail: info@edies.org